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So timing couldn't be better for my NEW Intuition & Psychic Ability Class! I've finally got the class together and I will not only be teaching some basic and advanced techniques, but I will always keep my students informed of what's currently happening on an energetic level. This is super important while developing your skills. It's good to be aware as it helps you to stay grounded and learn how to be aware of both your physical and spiritual bodies.

  • If you are interested in registering for the new class you can do so HERE (Class enrollment will close in July). Psychic Ability & Intuition Class.
  • If you missed this weeks #SpiritChat session (I do weekly live streaming #SpiritChats where I talk about things going on spiritually as well as have a Q&A session with my lovely group!) You can ask to be added to the private FB group HERE.
I hope you join me as I am super excited to be offering some really valuable information. You can email me at jennifer@keystothespiritworld.com if you have any questions!