The Law of Allowing

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Universal Law #4
“The Law of Allowing”

The Law of Allowing — allowing things to move without resistance and to evolve and grow naturally.

This is one of my most favorite laws and I think one of the most important Universal Laws. Most people really struggle with this one, however, since we’ve been trained to think differently for most of our lives.

The Law of Allowing dictates that all Universal Energy runs in currents and these currents have a flow to them.

When you allow the Universal flow to evolve and grow naturally, things will begin to manifest in a fluid non-chaotic manner.

You are allowing the Universe to create and manifest freely with no interference.

This law feels the most unnatural to most people because our brain is not “trained” to allow. We’ve been trained to think that allowing is being lazy.

• The state of allowing is the purest state of manifesting.

This law is really, really hard for people to wrap their minds around. Many times we (as people living a physical existence) have been trained to believe we must try and take control of every situation in order to control the outcome of what it is we desire. We have been taught to believe that without our guidance or control, things will not happen in the way we wish them to.

We must control our destiny!

The problem with this perspective and needing to have control is you’re under the impression that you know what the best possible outcome is. I hate to break the news to you, but you do not…

We are children of the Universe, and while we have our own ideas of how we think things must be done and in what order, Momma always knows best. The reason we can’t make this determination is because there’s such an abundance of ways in which the outcome we desire can take place, and many of them you don’t even know about! Many times the outcome the Universe has in mind is much better than the outcome we have dreamt up for ourselves. How can this be? You may wonder. It’s really fairly simple…

We do not have enough information to determine the best possible outcome for our desires.

We usually base our desired outcome on our physical perspective. From a physical perspective, our perspective is usually extremely limited. We are like kindergartners trying to access our desires.

So how do you work with this law?

By accepting that you don’t always know the best possible outcome.

By realizing that control is only an illusion and you will never be able to control anything, any situation, or anyone without consent. In actuality, there is no control, there’s only consent.

By being open to what might come your way.

By learning to let go of control and allow things to develop and unfold naturally for you the way they are supposed to.

Imagine there’s an abundance of Universal Energy, which is in constant creation. This energy is in constant flow, continuously creating and manifesting an infinite number of things at every given moment in time. The world and the people in it are a blank canvas to this Universal Energy, and when you allow this flow to create and manifest with it’s own vision in mind, something amazing happens.

This energy seems to be able to merge with your most intimate desires and manifest them right before your eyes!

It’s amazing how all things become so carefully orchestrated that it allows everything to fall into place so precisely. It’s as if you are watching the most incredible artistic flow you’ve ever seen, manifesting itself into a physical state.

However, when you’re unaware of The Law of Allowing, fear tends to drive your thoughts and you begin working with The Law of Resistance (next chapter), which is a law that is fear driven.

This can most definitely cause an issue with your love life. What’s the number one concern of most people when it comes to love?

It’s the fear of being alone.

Oddly enough, this fear affects most people. It affects people who are single, for obvious reasons. They’re currently alone and don’t wish to stay that way. But it also very much affects people who are in unhappy or are in unfulfilling relationships.

More importantly, it affects the choices people may otherwise make if it wasn’t for the fear of being alone.

This fear can and will affect The Law of Allowing.

People tend to make very bad choices based on fear and force themselves to stay in or choose relationships which are neither healthy nor a good fit for them. For instance, thought patterns based on fear go like this:

“This relationship is so hard, but we’ve been together forever, and I hate to throw it all away.”

“We fight so much, but when we get along, it’s really great.”

“I think it’s best to stay together for the kids.”

“This is what marriage is supposed to be like, no point in doing it all over again.”

These are all thoughts based on the fear of being alone. When misery is more tolerable than the thought of being alone, it’s really pretty sad. When you force yourself to stay in a situation (love or otherwise), which feels like such a struggle, even when you can choose a different route…well, that’s definitely the opposite of The Law of Allowing. It’s like trying to wrestle the paintbrush out of the Universe’s hand so you can paint a picture of what it is you want or what it is you think you want.

The problem is your dominant or alpha thought:

“I’m not happy in this relationship.”

“I’m miserable with this person.”

“Relationships suck!”

Basically, if you do win the wrestling match, you’re really going to be putting graffiti on your wall, and not the pretty kind.

So stop resisting, don’t be afraid of being alone!

Trust in the flow and the creative power of the Universe, of something bigger than you. Trust in the notion that you deserve happiness in everything you do, relationships and otherwise. Trust that out of 7.5 billion people, there’s a very happy person out in the world you are meant to be with!

Part of the trust factor with The Law of Allowing stems from the belief that there’s only a limited amount of things in the world and all good things are already taken, or untouchable by you. Universal Law dictates this is not true on both accounts.

Unless…you believe it to be true. (Ahhh, those catch twenty-two’s).

Here’s what I mean:

Physical perspective —

You’ve been taught for so many years how fact is just fact, based on math. How things are not magical and how Santa Claus is not real. How life is hard and don’t expect it to be anything different. Thought patterns such as:

“They only print so much money. The earth only has so many resources, this is scientific fact!”

“There are only XYZ jobs available in my town, and there are ABC people looking for jobs. You do the math!”

“How in the world is it possible for me to get out of my current debt? I have a ton of debt and not enough income coming in to make a dent in it. I just don’t see it happening.”

Now based on what you’ve been taught and what you based your knowledge of how you think the world works around you and how money is obtained, naturally The Law of Allowing would seem silly based on this perspective. There’s just simply not enough money, jobs, etcetera to serve everyone. So therefore, control is the alternative, so you think.

Universal perspective —

Some people never truly believed these things they were taught, because there’s also a bazillion instances of people who live quite amazing lives, people who statistically should not (according to the math and other things they've been taught thus far), and so they’ve decided those things must not be true.

These people work quite nicely with The Law of Allowing.

They will find their groove with the purest state of manifesting, just because they don’t share the same view as the rest of the world!

Amazing, isn’t it? They don’t resist the notion of money, jobs, or material things being in their reach, because their internal view is different. Anything they desire is reachable.

Anything is possible, anything is allowable!

They don’t resist the notion of where they can make an income, or how things might work out well for them, despite what everyone else says or thinks. They think things like:

“Well, they need someone for this job, why not me? I’m qualified!”

“There’s lots of people in the world making over 100K a year even in this economic downturn, not everyone is poor.”

“Some people I know are doing quite well in life, they’re adaptable, and so am I!”

Think about this for a minute. Let’s say there’s an abundance of money (The Law of Abundance), a never-ending supply of it. And this never-ending supply is a river that flows by you at all times.

All you need to do is to allow some of it to flow into your world and not resist it (by putting up a barrier, or energetic dam around you), with the notion that it’s true and some of it belongs in your world.

This may sound weird, but your relationship with money works in a very similar manner as your relationship with people.

What is your thought process when it comes to money?

“It’s not around much, but when it is, we have a good time.”

“I will take what I can get.” (Low standards when it comes to what you can get.)

“It’s always a struggle and it will always be a struggle, that’s just how it is.”

What’s your dominant or alpha thought?

(You’re taught) Money’s hard to come by and there’s a limited supply + (belief) I don’t see how it’s possible to be financially secure = No Money!

You don’t have to see to believe it…

Believe in something more powerful than what you can see.

Believe in something bigger than you.

Believe in something … DIFFERENT than everyone else believes to be true!

Do not follow the masses and resist a better life just because others have told you it’s not out there. If everyone did that, there would be no breakthroughs in the medical industry, there would be no spiritual development, or even past discoveries in the history of the world. Things would never get better for anyone!

Stop resisting change, stop thinking you know better.

Trust in the Universe and in the laws that dictate all things. Allow things to fall into place for you just once, and see what happens.

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