10 Tips For Working With Spirit Guides and Spirits

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Here are a list of ten simple tips to help you when you are learning to develop your Spirit Guide communication. These are important and though they are in no particular order, they are equally important!  

Tip #1
Know Who You Are Working With 

When you begin to work on developing your Spirit Guide communication, you are opening the door to the spirit world so you will naturally open the door to other spirits as well. This is something that is important for you to have knowledge about and something you should be aware of. If you are not aware of this, you could receive information from spirits who are not your Spirit Guide. Even spirits who do not have your best interest at heart; yes, as much as I never wanted to believe in bad intentioned spirits, it is true, it can happen! This is why you should never, ever, play with a Ouija board. To avoid working with spirits who are not your Spirit Guide, there are a few things you should know to help you tell the difference, as well as steps you should take to specifically ask for the spirit contact to be with your Spirit Guide or spirits of the highest vibration. That being said, I will give you some simple steps to help you avoid attracting undesirables. 

Tip #2
Say a Prayer First 

When you are trying to contact or connect with your Spirit Guide, always, always say a prayer first and ask for only the highest vibration of spirits who are working for your greatest good to come through. Something along the lines of, “I would like to make contact with my Spirit Guide, I am asking for my Spirit Guide to come in and make contact with me. Only the highest vibration of spirits are allowed to make contact with me, those who come from the white light of the Holy Spirit, amen,” or, “I would only like to speak with my Spirit Guide, who comes with the highest vibration and from the white light of the Holy Spirit, all other spirits are not allowed to make contact with me.” You get the idea. 

Tip #3
Spirits Are Attracted To Us When We Think Of Them 

Yes, it is true, when you think of a spirit they tend to come in. So if you feel a spirit around you during a meditation, you can ask them to show themselves to you or ask them if they have any messages for you and just feel their presence. When you ask them a question, make sure to stay in the state of allowing, in order for the pictures to come in. If there are no pictures, then just feel their presence and enjoy the feeling of them making themselves known to you on the physical plane. Feeling their presence does just as much as allowing as far as strengthening the connection. For example, if you see a spirit in your mind's eye, use all of your senses. Feel them, allow the vision of them to form, and listen to hear if they are saying anything. Spirits are attracted to you when you think of them because when you think of them, it is like you are calling for them. They hear the call in the spiritual realm and they come to you. This is also why it is very common for you to feel loved ones who have passed over when you are thinking of them. If you are thinking of someone and feel their presence, close your eyes and just concentrate on that feeling, just feel them. Then allow any pictures to float in and out with no judgment, because they may try to tell you something. Many times it is just that they love you or they are watching over you, something along those lines. They do not give you lotto numbers! 

Tip #4
Spirit Guides Do Not Come To You or Present Themselves
To You With Physical Disabilities 

Generally spirits in the spirit world do not have any physical disabilities they may have had here on earth. If you see a spirit who is deformed or you perceive them as angry, confused, or unhappy, you may be encountering an earth bound spirit or what people like to call a ghost. When you are learning to develop your spirit communication skills, it is wise to avoid contact with such spirits. If you encounter a spirit who makes you uncomfortable, you should repeat the prayer for protection, a prayer like I mentioned in tip #2, until you feel them leave or you feel comfortable. Also, imagine a barrier of white light surrounding you that only the highest vibration spirits can penetrate. Lastly ask for your Angels to come in, and remove any low vibration spirits from your area and take them away. After your Angels come in, the uncomfortable spirit should be gone. When you become more experienced and advanced in communicating with spirits, you may want to try to help earth bound spirits by encouraging them to go to the white light so that they can transition to the “Other Side.” You can ask for Angles or loved ones to come in to try and help them make the transition. There is also a process of explaining to them that they are no longer physically alive, but for now, it is good just to concentrate on working with your Spirit Guide. 

Tip #5
Write Things/Experiences Down 

It is a good practice for you to write down all of your experiences afterwards. Often, you may find that a message will become clearer when you write it down. During the moment you are receiving information you are in the process of allowing, or in a state of no resistance. When you are doing this, you are working more with the right brain. When you write things down, you will switch into a different mode of remembering and analyzing; this is where you will switch from right brain to left brain. When you make this transition from right brain to left brain, sometimes it can help you to remember things or little details you may have missed otherwise. Write your experiences down as if you are writing a letter to someone else. Explain your experience in great detail so when you read it later, you can recall the experience more vividly. During this writing process you may actually receive even more information and sometimes it can turn into an automatic writing session without you even being aware of it. This process allows you to move from right brain to left brain more fluidly because you are still tuned into the spirit realm and you are not so focused on your belief system. So when you begin to write, your barriers are already down. All kinds of amazing information can come through this way (I have an exercise for this coming up.) 

Tip #6
Never Do Anything You Would Not Normally Do 

What I mean by this is exactly what it says; never do anything that you would not otherwise do because you think a spirit told you to do it, or that you are being “guided” in some way. Spirits do not usually “tell” you to do something in particular. They will not tell you that you should get a divorce or make an investment of some kind. When you are communicating with your Spirit Guide it is more like they are showing you what path is best to take and why. You are meant to receive this information, weigh it with all the other knowledge you have, and then make a decision. Your Spirit Guide’s role is to help you consider all things physical and spiritual before guiding you towards a decision. They are here to offer you spiritual guidance; their job is not to be a dictator. View it as more of a joint collaboration than being told what to do. Low vibration spirits, on the other hand, can and in some instances will try to influence you into making a certain decision; decisions which are meant to cause you issues or problems. Low vibration spirits can have bad intentions. In the beginning you may have difficulty distinguishing your Spirit Guide from other spirits. So if the information feels good and right in your heart, then it is pretty safe to say it is good information. If it just doesn’t feel right, then don’t jump into anything without further consideration. 

Tip #7
Physical Sensations Are Common 

You may feel physical sensations around your head, neck, ears, back, or in other parts of your body. This can be an indication of your Spirit Guides working with healing energy to give you a healing or working on your electromagnetic system in order to help you become more sensitive to receive spirit communications. The interesting thing is that these sensations usually come after or between working on your spirit communication and development, instead of during (besides the heating up that I talked about in the chakra chapter). Some of these sensations can include things like:

· Tingling Sensation

· Prickly Sensation

· Feeling Hot/Cold

· Hot Spots

Assuming that you have a clean bill of health, if you are working on developing your spirit communication skills, these things can be common. What confuses people is that these sensations can occur at any time, and it’s not usually during spirit contact. A couple of these things used to happen to me when I was younger and working hard on my own communication skills. I used to get a prickly hot and cold feeling all over my body, for a while I thought it was a sign of dehydration. But, I drank lots of water and had regular checkups, and physically I was fine. These prickly sensations would usually last about one to two hours and go away. At the time, I would also usually have a “knowing” or visions of being worked on energetically by my Spirit Guides. It seemed as if my electrical system, or electromagnetic system, was being rewired, and in an odd way, that’s what it felt like. This would usually last a couple of days then disappear for several months. I do not get them anymore. Another thing that would happen is, I would get hot spots all over my body, accompanied with the same visions. It felt like someone was holding a lighter to my skin, only from the inside. I would have many of these hot spots going on at one time all over my body. They didn’t hurt, but it was really annoying! Why does this happen? It’s like I mentioned before, when you are truly committed to working with your Spirit Guides, your physical system usually needs some adjustment. So your Spirit Guides work with your inner “electrical” system in order to make it possible for you to raise your vibration to a very high level. Imagine that you have an old electrical system in your house and you rewire it so you can install a whole new communication system; it’s like that. If this does happen to you, you will know, because it feels like it sounds, like you are being rewired! Don’t worry about it though, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just a strange feeling. 

Tip #8
Be Consistent 

If you really want to develop your ability to work with your Spirit Guides, consistency is the key! Can you develop this ability without consistency? Yes; however, it takes longer and you will not become as advanced. When I say consistent, I do not mean it has to disrupt your daily routine, simply make it a part of your daily routine. In other words, make it part of your morning ritual or nighttime ritual or both. I used to do my Spirit Guide communication meditation every morning for about two years straight. I would get up an extra twenty to thirty minutes early, take a shower, eat, get ready, then use the extra time I had to do the meditation. I began to enjoy it very much. Starting my day this way made a difference on how I felt; I felt calmer, and I began to see a correlation between meditation in the morning and my day going smoother. On the days I didn’t do the meditation, things seemed to be a little more jumbled, and things didn’t seem to go as smooth, so I got to the point where I really looked forward to it. I tried to do it every day, but obviously that is hard to do, so I was happy if I could do it five times a week. What consistency does is it sets a time when your Spirit Guide knows you are looking for them. Plus, it regulates your brainwave pattern making it easier to go into the Alpha state quicker. You do not have to do the Spirit Guide meditation every day; alternately, you could do the writing exercise (which I include in the exercise portion). 

Tip #9

If you choose to go the writing route to further develop your spirit communication skills, tip #9 is very, very important. Just to be clear, I want to tell you exactly what meditation is and why you need to do it (like I said before, I want to cover all bases). Meditation is a practice of sitting quietly, while regulating your breath using intone mantras or visualization in attempts to harmonize your mind, body, and soul. Why is this important? Well, because meditation is really effective in clearing out mind clutter as well as energetic clutter. It is knocking out two birds with one stone, so to speak, on a spiritual and physical level. 

You clean your house, take showers, eat right, and maintain your physical health by getting the proper rest, etcetera. Well, it is equally important to your physical and spiritual health to keep your mind and your energetic field as clutter free as possible. This will allow you to operate at your most efficient level. 

There have been some extensive studies done on meditation and the most noteworthy finding of these studies seemed to show in the EEG measuring of brain wave patterns. During your waking consciousness, brain waves are random and chaotic. The brain usually operates with different wavelengths from the front to the back of the brain, and from hemisphere to hemisphere. Meditation changes this drastically. Subjects in meditation show increased Alpha waves and these waves continue to increase throughout the duration of the meditation. Also, the front and the back of the brain begin to synchronize as well as the left and the right hemispheres. In other words, the different areas of your brain begin to work together synchronistically! There has been documented research, which shows that the daily practice of meditation creates a more efficient, integrated brain functioning. After a few months, this integration in the brain is not just noticed during the meditation state but during daily activity as well. I can personally attest to this, as it helped me learn how to go into the Alpha state quickly, and at will, for when I do psychic readings.

Health wise, meditation has also been linked to lowering blood pressure, helping with anxiety and depression just to name a few. Not to mention the spiritual aspects of raising your vibration, intuitive development and raising your consciousness.

Here is a meditation exercise I designed to help you work more efficiently with the Universal Laws. I suggest doing some type of meditation at least once a day, I personally recommend for you to do it in the morning if you only have time for one meditation. Morning meditation, I have noticed, definitely sets the tone of your day. 

Tip #10
Be Patient! 

This is the one tip I think people struggle with the most: being patient. Like I said before, I spent two years consistently working on my spirit communication development and doing the Spirit Guide communication meditation at least four to five times a week. I spent three more years advancing and developing that skill to the best of my ability, a total of five years! Not to mention spirit communication is what I do for a living, so I practice my skill for many, many hours every single day. Does that mean you have to do what I did or do now? Absolutely not! Unless, of course, you want to tell other people what their Spirit Guides wish them to know, or what Grandma has to say, for a living. But do not try this a few times and think, “This doesn’t work!” You need to be committed and realistic, and know it’s a process. It’s not easy what I do; if everyone did it, there would be no need for psychics or mediums. In other words, it’s like anything else: if you want to learn to play golf, you take lessons and you practice. If you want to learn to surf, you take lessons and you practice. If you want to learn to ski, you take lessons and you practice. You get the point!

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