What It Means To Raise Your Vibration

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Many people wish to raise their vibration, they hear about it all the time and think, "I want to feel that way! Count me in!" Which often leads them to the next logical step, to experience some type of major shift which entails at least one hour of mediation each night. This will surely will help them to raise their vibration. They try it, they fail, they get frustrated, they quit. Here's the thing, you need to be able to understand it, before you can do it, and many people do not understand it.

So what does it really even mean to raise your vibration?  Raising your vibration is raising your energetic frequency to a state which is closer to the spiritual realm where you have access to connect in with the universe in a way that you've never thought of before.

When you raise your vibration you are moving closer to your natural state of existence. It feels good, you feel more "enlightened" because you have access to more knowledge which is available to you. So how do you do that? It's actually simpler than you think...

Join me for todays show as I discuss what it really means to raise your vibration.

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Energy Wave Report: Empath Awareness

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                                               Energy Wave Report:
EMPATH AWARENESS: There is an energy wave coming through right now that is causing some major anxiety for those who are "sensitive". So here are some things this you might be experiencing with this energy wave:

*Tight chest or trouble breathing (related to anxiety)
*Panic attacks

Don't try and make any rash decisions right now. Relax and let this wave pass first. Don't let this wave get the best of you as far as causing anxiety based on future events. This wave will to pass, but you need to give it a few days. Distract yourself with things that make you feel calm, or that you enjoy. Leave the major problem solving until at least next week Tuesday...

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The Truth About Astral Travel

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Have you ever experienced any of these things while sleeping or "dreaming"?
  • Sleep paralysis.
  • Bed shaking.
  • Seeing dark silhouettes.
  • Feeling like someone is on top of you?
Well most likely you are finding yourself startled and trying to get back into your body while you are astral traveling. On todays show I will be discussing the 8 most common ways you can tell if you are astral traveling. As well as what is exactly happening when you are experiencing these things, what to do when it happens. Plus, I'm going to clear up a lot of "myths" about astral travel that people should be aware of...

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Energy W.A.V.E Report™

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Energy Wave Report:

I've been asked about this recently...this energy wave is kicking my butt... If you are sensitive you will most likely be experiencing some of these things (it started a few days ago):

* TIRED - very, very tired. πŸ˜΄
* Trouble focusing - feeling like you have brain fog or your mentally lagging.
* Emotional and agitated - self explanatory.
* Burnt out - feeling like you are at your limit.
* Heaviness - the energy just feels heavy and thick.

What to do?

* Watch what your eating - I'm noticing it's making a HUGE difference. Eat as much fresh foods as possible it helps...
* Relax - don't try and push through. I won't work, it's break time. Believe me if anyone can push through it's me...and I've thrown in the towel until Monday!

PS I used to post these updates all the time, I call them energy wave reports. I will post them this way from now on when I feel one is needed. 

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Did Your Astrology Sign Change?

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Thanks to the media I’ve been getting this question daily, “Has my astrology sign changed?” People are very attached to their astrological signs, and why wouldn’t you be? You are born with it, you resonate with it, and for many of us it’s part of our identity! On todays show I will be discussing:

  • Did your astrology sign change?
  • Advanced civilizations.
  • Different moon phases, such as the black moon.
  • Universal energy and how it affects you and your spiritual body.
  • Working with universal energy.
  • Understanding control and universal laws.
So if you are interested in astrology, and universal energy or universal law, as well as how it affects your psychic senses, this is a good show for you! Enjoy :)

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ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN! (For only 13 days!)

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Intuition & Psychic Ability Class: http://www.psychicabilityclass.com
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Frankly, I'm tired of there being a shortage of spiritual mentors out there. I've been teaching students how to develop their psychic ability through classes (in person) for over 15 years. And over those years many things have changed...

There is a shortage of mentors out there who are willing to help others develop their psychic senses. And having a mentor is VERY IMPORTANT!

There are not very many people who are willing to teach either. They are either afraid to teach others how to develop and utilize their gifts (sometimes it's an ego thing, sometimes it's a competitive thing), or even if it's neither they simply don't want to take the time. Teaching and putting together classes takes A LOT of time!

This leaves a whole bunch of students who are LOST. They're eager to learn how to develop their gifts, with nowhere to go.
There is TOO MUCH bad information out there. Those who are willing to take the time to teach I find many times are giving incomplete or incorrect information.

The internet is upon us and eager students are coming from EVERYWHERE!

I get constant emails and social media questions from people asking me: Please teach an online class! Or it can be in person if you want to bring me to Hawaii! :) I miss your classes! I miss your teaching! I can't find anything out there...help!

Then there's always emails like:

I woke up terrified because there was a bad spirit in my room! It felt like it was sitting on my chest...the bed was shaking...I was so scared! What do I do? I try so hard and I can't see anything when I meditate. I've tried to contact my loved one everyday for two years...and nothing! Do I even have a spirit guide? I'm blocked. 

Not to mention the people who call me after having had a "bad reading" and are flipped out because they were told some totally inaccurate information...*Sigh*

So after a mini hiatus from teaching, I'm back! I'm going to be teaching in a BIG WAY! And this is just one of the many classes I will be offering...my goal?


I want to help others who are interested in psychic development, spirit communication, and those who wish to become healers! I want to mentor these students and teach them the proper way to develop. To guide other's in a way so that they learn how to use their ability not just for fun, but in a way that enhances their everyday life, and provide them with enough knowledge and information so that they can to steer clear of bad information (which can hinder advancement) or getting a bad reading (which can just scare the pants off you!) Not to mention it can be very discouraging and leave a bad taste in your mouth (and we don't want that to happen!)

I want you to learn!

I want to help you develop to the best of your ability.

I want you to have somewhere to go ask questions.

(Even after the class has ended).

I want to create a SPIRIT COMMUNITY that you are excited to be a part of!

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9 Common Fears About Psychic Development

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I asked a question to my Higher Purpose Learning group the other day. What were they afraid of when it comes to psychic development? And to my surprise, they had a lot of fears...Frankly, many of them I was actually shocked at! Afraid of what you might wonder? Many different things such as:

  • Losing themselves (one of the top answers).
  • The unknown.
  • Negative spirits.
  • Failing.
The reason I asked this question is because I find it fascinating how many people do not even attempt to pursue psychic development (even if it interests them) because of fear. The problem with this is fear will create blocks, and blocks will hinder any kind of spiritual development. But even more importantly, I found that many of their fears were something they shouldn't be afraid of at all. So I decided to address the 9 most common fears that hold people back when it comes to developing their psychic senses. 

9 Common Fears About Psychic Development

1) Losing Yourself - This was one of the top fears and one I was really surprised at. People worrying that they will change somehow and no longer be themselves. The interesting thing here is you are not going to "become" someone who you do not like or who is not "familiar" to you... You are going to find a more enhanced version of yourself. One that you will be pleasantly surprised with and even recognize on a soul level, more like, "where have you been?". Developing psychically will never cause you loose a part of yourself that you do not wish to loose. Will you change? Yes, but it will feel nice. If it doesn't, you are needing some more guidance and knowledge in this area.

2) Judgment From Friends & Family - This was another one of the top fears. Being judged by others, family, friend, whoever. But this is a PERSONAL journey. One that is for you and you alone. I'd suggest not sharing this journey with others unless they are on the same journey or someone who you can have good conversations with about it. You can still develop to a very high level on your own. If and when you decide to tell people will they judge you? Yes. You will get skepticism from others, judgement, and even disbelief. But this is also okay. You don't need someones approval to move forward on a spiritual journey, it's a YOU thing, not a WE thing.

3) Being Wrong - 
Count on it, this will happen, and it's okay! This is how you learn how it feels when you are "in tune" and when you are not in tune. Especially in the beginning of your journey. You have a lot to learn, this is a marathon not a sprint. You need to learn a lot about translating messages, how it "feels" to be in tune, and practice, practice, practice. Once you develop so far, you will also need to have more training, or find a mentor, this is important if you want advance as far as you can.

4) Feeling Disappointed - Not trying being able to develop, or thinking you have abilities when you don't. If you are having trouble developing or feel "stuck" you need more training and this is where a class or a mentor can be "extremely" helpful. If you are interested in developing your abilities at all, you have some sort of ability nudging you along and trying to develop. The keys is figuring out what those abilities are so that you can properly develop. Again, this is helpful with guidance.

5) The Unknown - This again, comes with not enough knowledge. Movies have not help this fear, because when you "feel" energies and spirits many times this feeling is in your chest or behind you near your shoulder blades. And this feeling can be similar to what it feels like in anticipation of something, (for instance the feeling you get while watching a movie and your waiting for something to jump out at you), and naturally peoples mind will go to, "what's around the corner?" But knowledge will also help to eliminate this fear.

6) Hearing Voices - This is a valid fear as it's usually associated with someone being crazy or not right. However, when you hear voices, many times it's different than you think it will be. Most often it's in the inner ear, the same way you "recall" a conversation you've had in the past. Will this happen? Everyone has this happen already, the funny thing is, most people think it's their own inner voice...

7) Helping People - People do get concerned about helping others along their spiritual journey. Like I mentioned before, it's more important for you to develop to the best of your ability first, before you help others. Helping others will be quite a bit down the road. Lot's of people try and do this too early in their journey, and this doesn't do anyone any good. So start with yourself first.

8) Religion - Lot's of people who come from strict religious backgrounds have been taught that psychic development is the work of the devil, etc. This could not be further from the truth. When you develop your psychic senses you will find that you being to develop a very close relationship with the spirit realm, angels, your guide, god, or a higher power. It's all about being in touch with your spiritual body, and having a relationship with spiritual realm. 

9) Being Tested By Dark Ones - We are always being tested. It doesn't matter if we are developing our psychic senses or not, it's a fact. You may not even know it. Dark entities are always trying to bring your vibration down, and they are sneaky about it, but it's not the way you think. (I just did a post on this here: Can Negative Entities Or Energies Harm Or Posses You?However, when you learn to advance to a higher level, protection also raises and becomes more powerful. Again, it's all about knowledge and proper training.

I also did a radio show on this subject as well if you are interested in hearing more

You can find out more about classes HERE

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Can Negative Entities Or Energies Harm Or Posses You?

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I was asked this question in the Higher Purpose Learning group the other day. It was a good question so I wanted to address it:

"Can a person's soul be harmed or taken by an entity? It's something I've wondered about after reading a couple of books about ghost hunters who have experienced possession like experiences."
Many people do wonder about this. I even had a woman who I spoke with the other day who was worried about this very thing happening to her child who is beginning to see spirits. All because of a movie she watched long ago. Are you one of these people? Do you ever find yourself wondering:
  • Can a spirit harm me?
  • Can a spirit possess me if I learn to develop my psychic senses or abilities?
  • Are children more susceptible to possession?
  • What if there is spirit activity in my house?
Thanks to the movie industry this worry has so many people freaked out that they shut down their own psychic senses immediately for fear of what might happen to them, or fear of what they might be susceptible to. They worry about what they might experience if they open themselves up to the spirit world. Especially if they experience any spirit activity around their house or their being. If you are one of these people this is a good show for you! I will be discussing if and when this can happen, as well as what you really should watch for...

People really responded well to this show, I got a lot of good feedback! Here are just a few of the comments:

These are from the Higher Purpose Learning group, which if you are not a part of you can certainly ask to join! I'd LOVE to see you all there. It's growing by leaps and bounds and everyone is loving the support of others so much...

P.S. The Psychic Ability Class will be opening VERY SOON! Please watch for that if you are interested because I only offer that class 4 times a year...

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7 Signs Your Vibration Is Raising

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I want to talk about some common things you will experience when YOUR VIBRATION IS RAISING. 

This is an important subject because many times people think there is something "physically" wrong with them and they get very frustrated when they go to the doctor and they don't find anything physically wrong with them.

When you embark on a spiritual journey, this will lead you to become more "familiar" with your spiritual body (regardless if you are making a conscious effort to do so or not). You will begin to "feel" it. And when this happens, your psychic senses will also become more sensitive (this happens naturally). The combination of the two will begin the process of RAISING YOUR VIBRATION.

What does that mean? It means your physical and spiritual bodies are primarily made of energy, and as energetic beings your bodies will "vibrate" emitting a frequency. When spiritual development occurs you will begin to vibrate at a much higher frequency. The higher the frequency, the easier it is to access information in the spiritual realm. (The spiritual realm's frequency is very high which is why some people can not seem to access it, their frequency is too low).

Imagine it like trying to see your tv in HD if you have an older tv. You can not access HD channels, because they are on a different frequency and the ability to capture that frequency is not in place. When your vibration begins to raise, many people will begin to experience things they've never experienced before, so they panic, and run to the doctor. (You should always see a doctor of course for any medical symptoms), But if you leave the office confused as your doctor has no idea what's happening, this might very well be the cause.


1) Ringing in your ears - This is very, very common. You can actually "hear" your vibration in some instances. You may experience a ringing in one ear or both ears. This can last in spurts such as days, or weeks, or can last months or even years. The first time I shifted it lasted two years for me, now with each shift it's more temporary.

2) Feeling dizzy - Another super common feeling as you begin to adjust to your spiritual body and all of the new energies you are now being able to detect and/or pick up on.

3) Burning hotspots/prickly feeling on your skin - Again, your bodies are "rewiring" themselves to handle a higher frequency. It's like trying to run 220 electricity through a 110 power cord, it will overload the system. So your bodies need to adjust to handle the higher frequency.

4) Lethargic - Feeling drained, tired, lethargic are all signs. Energy is more easily drawn or borrowed from your system, by other people when you are spiritually developing. Your physical body when you are working primarily with that body is grounded and very protected from other people energetic system, however, when you learn to use your spiritual body, you also need to "relearn" new forms of protection. In other words, how to keep all of your energy in tact.

5) Feeling "out of body" - Again, this is when you begin to primarily use your spiritual body. (Keep in mind, this can occur without you consciously doing so, it just happens sometimes). You will feel out of body or "detached" if you don't learn how to find balance between both bodies.

6) Sensation in the back of neck/shoulder blades - Like a gapping hole or a tingling sensation. Your chakras naturally begin to open like a flower, and sometimes they "stick" open, leaving you with a weird sensation in the back of your neck or shoulder blades.

7) Burning ears - This happens mainly with those who have the ability to channel. If you've had this happen, you most likely have this ability. Your ears will start to tingle and/or heat up. Visibly and very HOT to the touch. When I channel I can get so hot and red from raising my vibration, that it actually freaks people out LOL! However, I become very relaxed when that happens.
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When Your Spiritual Body Awakens...

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So there is a new energy wave that's flowing through causing people to feel some of these things:

*Anxious - about life, where they are at, where they are going.
*Moody - feeling a roller coaster of emotions, very emotional.
*Depressed - usually tied to feeling "stuck" or in limbo.
*Frustrated - can't find their purpose.

It's hitting SENSITIVE people really hard right now. So here is what you need to do if you are one of those people:

1) Stop obsessing - this makes it worse. Whatever it is you are "focused" upon, you need to REDIRECT your energy into something else. This allows you to release any "blocked" energy related to that issue, and allow new energy to come in.

2) Shift your focus - to something, several things. You want to learn how to "distract" your thoughts. You can exercise, go to a movie, do something OUT OF YOUR NORMAL ROUTINE.

3) Don't put all your eggs in one basket - if it's money you are worried about, there are many other ways to make money. If it's a job you are worried about, there are lots of jobs out there...poke around and see what's out there. There are ALWAYS alternatives...FIND THEM.

4) Look outside of your bubble - there are so many things happening outside of your bubble...so many cool things. But you have to be open to "see what the Universe" has in store for you. You need to be open to throwing up your hands and say, "Bring into my life what you thing is best! I'm open to suggestions!" And then let go...let go of your idea of how you think things are SUPPOSED TO BE.

5) Let go and release the fear - release the picture in your mind of how bad things will be if you don't get XYZ or if things don't exactly happen like ABC. Understand there are MILLIONS of scenarios that work out in your favor in a way that will make your life amazing. And you have NO IDEA what those scenarios are...so let go...there are good things out there...many more than you could ever comprehend.

6) Understand, finding your purpose is a LIFETIME JOURNEY, not a quick task - you are here on earth, in this lifetime, to do MANY, MANY things. Not one thing. Not two things, but many things. It's the journey that's fantastic. It's constant. As you learn things, and do things, you will have been there done that. Then it will be time for more new things...

Release the old, welcome the new, and enjoy the now!

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