Spirit Activity is Freaking Me Out! Should I Be Worried?

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Things I hear often about spirits:

Looking for some thoughts on a situation that's freaking me out....
The energy (at a certain place) is unsettling to me.
When I walked in, the place just creeped me out!
The place is old and bad things have happened there over the years.
I see shadow like creatures at night.
A foul smell that recently started occurring...like sulfer.
I'm having interference with calls/electronics. (I could hear loud/deep breathing/growling inhuman/human sounds combined with static on the phone. Electronics turn on/off).

Followed by concerns:

Should I be worried?
What about my/his/her safety?
I always felt dark it negative energy can't hurt you but this feels extreme! 
Could there be another explanation for all this? 
Will sage do the trick?
Any suggestions and thoughts would be great...

So I compiled a list of answers to help:
1) Do negative entities live in creepy old houses?
  • Yes. They also live in new houses, businesses, hotels, malls, and pieces of land. They can be anywhere, the age of the structure doesn't matter.
2) What do I do if I'm in a creepy place?
  • Leave. Anywhere that you feel like the energy is negative or uncomfortable...leave! Don't stay there, and avoid hanging out there. If its your home, find a new home. If its you're boyfriends house, stay at your house. Don't try and define it or put a label on it. If it feels negative or uncomfortable that's all you need to know.
3) Do they attach themselves to people?
  • Yes. Sometimes, and sometimes they don't. It depends on the persons level of weakness.
4) How do I keep them from attaching themselves to me?
  • Don't allow yourself to be weak! Alcohol and drugs will DEFINITELY allow you to be more susceptible. It doesn't matter if you drink every day or once a year. During that time you are a target. So don't drink or do drugs anywhere that has a bad "vibe". Also, avoid hanging around others who are negative in nature. They love feeding on negativity!
5) Should I be afraid of spirits/bad spirits?
  • No. You should be smart. Pay attention to the sensations and energies around you. There are a ton of places with good energies as well. Negative entities will not "attack" you in the way that most people fear (such as scratches, throw you up against a wall, etc). They tend to target you emotionally which in my opinion is much worse.
6) Can I do a clearing (Sage, holy water, incense)?
  • Yes. 
7) Will a clearing work?
  • It depends on the level of your expertise in dealing with negative spirits. Clearing a place of negative spirits takes someone who is experienced in doing so.
Your smart, use your common sense... Don't try and force yourself to stay some place, or deal with something, or someone if your not feeling safe or uncomfortable. Period! That goes for all of the "real" people and "real" situations you encounter. In fact, those are the ones you should be more concerned about! 
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July/August 2014 W.A.V.E Report™

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  July 2014 W.A.V.E Report™

July - *Energetic static causing lots of friction and frustration.*

What's happening energetically speaking:

1) Static energy.

This is a little new as this energy is sparking left and right. It's causing a ton of intense "spark" like energy between people and surrounding situations. Watch for anyone bringing negativity into your life as this static energy will intensify people who tend to carry around negative energy.

2) Things you might be experiencing: 

  • Frustration and aggravation at people and situations.
  • Your going to notice if you are usually calm, your demeaner will be more edgy or "on guard".
  • Out with the old and in with the new. Relationships, clothes, furniture, you name it. You'll most likely want to rid some "dead weight" in your environment.
  • You will want to steer clear of anyone who you view as having any negative energy around them or if they tend to be negative in nature. 
  • Resistance! You may feel like that you are battling with others, or that you are finding a lot of resistance from others who you must deal with. Either on a personal or professional level.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol this month. 
3) For those who are sensitive (empaths, psychics, mediums, intuitives):

Most likely you will be experience seeing/feeling more negative spirits than normal. They will be coming in with the static energy trying to cause havoc.

  • You may notice people being more susceptible to negative influence. From the physical and spiritual world.
  • You will want to be more aware of negative people being in your environment. As negative energy/spirits will be trying to attach themselves into their space/bubble.
  • Pay close attention to how your environment "feels". Clearings are very important at this time on your space/home and your loved ones.
  • Most likely you will feel many lower vibration energies coming and going.
  August 2014 W.A.V.E Report™ 

August - *There's are intense waves of energy swirling around causing a lot of FEAR...*

What's happening energetically speaking:

1) FEAR.

This is one of the strangest things I've ever seen energetically speaking. Intense waves of swirling energy causing a huge amount of FEAR in people. The interesting thing is this intense circling started near the end of July, and even now there are several hurricanes and tropical storms mimicking the same energetic pattern in the atmosphere.

2) Things you might be experiencing: 

  • FEAR
  • Afraid of losing something or someone.
  • Nervous and afraid of the unknown for no reason.
  • Worried that some future outcome (of a situation) will not work out comfortably. That you will be unhappy about an outcome.
  • Physical symptoms of anxiety for no reason. 
  • A lot of uncertainty.
3) For those who are sensitive (empaths, psychics, mediums, intuitives):

Most likely you will be experience seeing/feeling more anxious than normal.

  • You many notice a lot of physical symptoms of anxiety for no reason.
  • Sleep may be disrupted.
  • Negative energies will be subsiding.
4) What to do about it.

Don't play into the fear and let your body make your mind run wild!

  • Try and remind yourself to RELAX! This weird infux of energy is not a predictor of a future outcome.
  • This will be a month of RESOLUTION for a lot of people. You will see resolution in situations that need to be resolved. Or you will see the light at the end of the tunnel where there was none before.
  • ALLOW things to run their own course without trying to force a path. The energy this month will be tough to tackle and force a direction you see fit.
  • TRUST there are "good vibes" with this energy wave. Even if things "feel" all out of whack. There is a pattern in all of this chaos, and good vibrations are pushing all of the negativity from July out of the way like an Universal street sweeper :)

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June 2014 W.A.V.E Report™

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  June 2014 W.A.V.E Report™

June - *Emotional Energy ALERT*

This month you will be experiencing something you haven't quite experienced in awhile. An influx of some major emotional energy!

What's happening energetically speaking:

1) Your Spiritual Body is sensitive right now.

As we move into a spiritually based era our spiritual bodies are becoming primary in ways you've never experienced before. This month with this influx of emotional energy, your spiritual body is going to be very sensitive. Sensitive to emotions whether it's something happening in the present, past, or future.

2) Things you might be experiencing: 

  • Upset, worried, all around emotional.
  • You may find some major shifts happening in your life with loved ones.
  • You might feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. Good, then upset, happy, then sad.
  • Past emotions may rise to the surface. Things that you may have thought you dealt with in the past may come up again emotionally or otherwise.
3) What to do about it.

This month is a good time to get your physical body and spiritual body in balance. Since your spiritual body is trying to take primary position over your physical body you will need to do some of these following.

  • EXERCISE! Anything that causes friction in your physical body. Golf, tennis, swimming, jumping jacks, etc.
  • Watch what you are eating. Start trying to eliminate processed foods now. You can't do this all of the time, but start paying way more attention to what you are putting into your body. 
I did a radio show on this today if you would like to learn more CLICK HERE!

*Emotional influx should start easing up around June 21-22 and should phase out around the 24th.*

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4 Facts About Spiritual Development You Should Know

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Everyone thinks it's going to be so great with they develop themselves spiritually. They think they will feel balanced and experience a zen environment. It's exciting! You want to leave the chaotic nature of everyday life behind...

But it's not exactly zen, roses, and calmness. In fact it often shocks people when they don't like what they are feeling. Then they begin to think;

"This is a lot harder than it seems."
"Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Am I not doing this right?"
"There's obviously more to this that I'm not getting."
"Why is everyone being so mean?"

People are really caught off guard as they begin this journey, so I've put together a list. Here are four things you should know if and when you are trying to develop yourself spiritually.

4 Facts About Spiritual Development You Should Know

1) You will begin to be more sensitive to your environment or people around you. 

Why? Because as you shift you will become more in tune with your spiritual body. When that happens you will then begin to "feel" the energies that surround you and other energies that you come into contact with. 

2) You may not like what you "feel".

Imagine it like this: You've been walking around with shoes on your entire life and you've never gone barefoot before. Then all of the sudden you're asked to take off your shoes and socks and experience walking barefoot everywhere. Your feet will feel very "free" and good at first. But then you will notice your feet are very sensitive to things they come into contact with. Surfaces, air and the sun. When you walk on different types of ground like concrete, rocks, asphalt, grass, carpet, sand, some surfaces will feel soft and good, and others are hot and/or hurt! 

3) You will need to adjust your life, according to how energies affect you. 

You will find that many relationships in your life may be more toxic than you ever realized before. So you will have to make a choice. Choose their happiness (continue to please them and have them in your life) or choose yours (limit your time with them in order to keep and stay healthy). 

4) Others notice when you make a "shift" or become more "in tune" with your spiritual body, and many times they don't like it. 

When you develop spiritually, there are shifts that happen along this journey. People in your life can "feel" these shifts. If those people have good intentions and positive energy, they will be happy for you and say things like, "you seem different!" or "you look great!". If they have bad or negative energy or intentions, they will be mean, resentful, angry at you for no good reason. 

So if you are interested in spiritual development, or you are already beginning that journey, you do not want to miss the radio show that I'm doing on this very subject :)

 Tuesday, June 3rd @ 9:00am HST!

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Negative Entities & Addiction

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I got another great question from a Soul Mate Circle member:

"Hi Jennifer! I am curious to know more about negative entities that attach themselves to people weakened by addictions. What are they? What do they have to gain from this? How can this be distinguished from ordinary negativity associated with drug/alcohol abuse? What can be done about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts "

Well, there always have been and always will be light and dark energies and entities. The dark side always wants to take over the light side (imagine it like Star Wars, it's weird, but it's true). 

All dark energies will try and "recruit" light energies, and in order to do so they will prey on lower vibrations. They have a very precise agenda to become more powerful. Lower vibrations are people who are weakened by addictions, sad, or unhappy people.

Those people have what's called a weaker "spiritual immune system". So they have trouble fighting them off in the same way they would a cold if they had a weaker physical immune system.

So what do these people do about it? They need to learn to strengthen their spiritual immune system. There are several things they can do in order to do this:

1) By making a solid commitment to change their life, understanding that what they are doing now, it NOT working for them. 

They need to do what's called a "spiritual evaluation".

Spiritual Evaluation:
  • Start by asking yourself, what are the top three things that are causing me to be unhappy right at this moment? An then write them down.
  • "Redefine" what's on the list to become more spiritually aware. So in other words, there can't be a WHO on the list. You can't say my mother is making me unhappy because she criticizes me all of the time. You would have to "rewrite" and "redefine" your answer to, "My choice to continue to call my mother is making me unhappy."
 2) Stop denying themselves happiness. 

People do this all of the time and they make a hundred excuses why they can't choose something that makes them happy. If people spent half of the time figuring out how something was possible, instead of figuring out how things are not possible, they would have a totally different life.

Address the things on the list. If they've vowed to make a change, this is the first place they should start.

3) Be willing to "relearn" how the world actually works...energetically. 

The majority of people most people come into contact with join and bond together with what's called a poverty mindset. They have been taught to believe there's only one way the world works and it's through blood, sweat, and tears. HARD WORK! You must suffer as an adult as life is full of hard knocks!

This is so far from the truth it would shock most people. Life should be easier, and fun, but they must want to "discover" a different life than most people and be willing to redefine life as they know it.

4) Break free from others of lower vibration. 

In order to move forward in their life, they will need to let go of those around them who are of lower vibration. Why? Because no matter how "aware" you feel you are, 80% of the time you will "mirror" the vibration of those around you.

                 I will be doing a radio show on this Tuesday, May 27th @ 9:00am HST! 


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May 2014 W.A.V.E Report™

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  May 2014 W.A.V.E Report™

May - *Choppy" with a side of calm. 

This month is a little bit different. It's going to be mostly calm energy, with choppy energy sprinkled in everywhere.

What's happening energetically speaking:

1) Mostly Calm (May 1 - 13).

Things will feel calmer than normal. Mostly smooth sailing with nice strong "clean" currents allowing things to feel pretty good for the most part. Nothing should be "hung up" energetically speaking.

2) Choppy Waters (May 14 - 27). 

There will be a steady influx of choppy energy at this time. You may find:
  • You're aggrivated easily
  • Things feel unfinished
  • You might be forgetful
  • Tired
3) New Energy (May 28 - June).

New energy will be flowing in at a pretty good force. Now would be a good time to:
  • Start anything new.
  • Rid yourself of old things, clothes, stuff.
You will fill revived and energized.

*Keep in mind that the *choppy* energy may sprinkle in a day or two here and there through out the entire month of May.*

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Learn How to Read Peoples Energy...Correctly!

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Did you ever want to learn how to read people's energy?


Well if you have, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is you've probably been doing it for years. The bad news is, most likely you've been doing it wrong.

If you wish to learn more, such as what it means to read people's energy, how to do it correctly, and how it actually affects your life (even at this very moment), tune in tomorrow, I will be taking calls, and answering questions as usual.

Click below to listen:

Listen to internet radio with Hawaii Psychic on Blog Talk Radio
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Dying In Your Dreams...What Does It Mean?

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The other day I got a VERY good question via email about seeing yourself die in a dream:

"Is there some kind of meaning if you see yourself die in a dream? I had a dream last night where I and someone else were in a bathtub with no water and a guy shot the other person first then put a lot of bullets in me. It ended with him shooting me in head several times to make sure I was dead. I remember seeing blood on the side of the tub and thinking I was still alive..." 

This is what's called a "past life" dream.

Many people have past life memories in their dream. This email is a very good example. When you have a past life dream you can see how you die, who you were in that lifetime (you will "feel" like yourself, but you're usually a different person) if you pay attention many times you will get another name, age, etc.

 5 Facts About Past Life Dreams

A past life memory usually contains these components: 
1) There's a story line. 

You will see a scenario which "makes sense" to you, like a movie or a story line. (Not like a giant banana was chasing you around with a machete).

2) The story will go in sequence. 

Such as there's a beginning, middle, and an end. Even if the dream starts or ends abruptly, or even seems like snippet of a dream.

3) Usually things will indicate it's not you in this lifetime. 

If you pay attention many times you will find things to indicate its taking place in another lifetime. You will be in another location (you may or may not be able to pin point the time frame, but you will know there where no cell phones at that time, the cars are older, the food is different, etc). Many times you will also have another name, be another age, etc. If you don't notice during the dream, when you wake up you can ask yourself:

  • What was I doing?
  • Was I a girl or boy? Woman or child?
  • Where was I?
  • How long ago was it?
Don't question anything, don't question yourself, the first answer is usually the correct one.

4) Usually past life dreams are very detailed. 

Down to little details in the room, clothes people are wearing, smells/scents of perfumes, or colognes or whatever, details of "the event". Not all details will always be clear. But some of them will.

5) Past life dreams "feel" very real. 

Sometimes to the point of being downright scary...

It is very "rare" for you to die in a dream unless it's a past life experience. But because these dreams usually feel very real it doesn't make the experience any less pleasant.

**If you experience a scary past life dream and wish not to again here are some tips**

  • Say a prayer before bed asking to only experience "good" past life memories. 
  • Ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to create a barrier of protection around your bed.
  • Fill the middle (where you are sleeping) with white light energy. Imagine it coming down from above and filling the middle until there is a strong protective barrier around you.
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